Midwinter thoughts

On Sunday we returned from an overnight trip to lake Manapouri. The kids did super well. It was -3 C degrees during the night, but we wrapped them in big goosedown sleeping bags. Seemed to have worked out alright!

We were the only ones there - alone in a 40-bed DOC hut.

On the way back we set aside a couple of hours to pop on a ferry and explore the glow-worm caves on the other side of lake Te Anau. It felt eerily special doing it in the quietness of what is, ordinarily, a bustling tourist town - captain included, we were only 13 people on the ship. Inside the caves, we all fit on a single paddling boat.

Then, upon returning home, I discovered that Kim Hill had interviewed Jon Krakauer on Saturday morning. In that interview, Jon admitted that he had no intention of writing books any more.

I was, like, oh. Sad and glad at the same time: glad for Jon that he is allowing himself to be free of the intensity of work that goes into researching a book when he has, maybe, only about 10 more "good" years left in him, but sad for me for I am such a fan of his writing. 

So, I have wondered about Into the Wild and listened to Eddie Vedder's soundtrack.

It has led to further, old rock songs.

Meanwhile, I am reading a book called Herding Hemingway's Cats. It's a good read - I recommend it.

Life is quiet, sort of. Winter cold rain and thunderstorms pelt the coast, ground was white with hail this morning.


  1. Oh, sellest on küll tuline kahju, et Krakauer kirjutamise lõpetab. Aga tänud sulle intervjuule osutamast.

    1. Krakauer on, jah, hästi tore. Tema kirjutatu on mind palju mõjutanud. Siiamaani ma ei ole leidnud kedagi teist, kelle sõnad ja teemad mind samamoodi liigutavad, aga eks on vaja nüüd hakata rohkem raamatuid jälle lugema, et asendus leida :)