765,000 volts much?

The size of "cojones" on the man who's flying this helicopter... Jesus.

How do I find videos like that? Kids asked about electricians, my husband got talking about "special suits" electricians wear when working on power lines and... yeah. Ended up watching this.

No longer eating salad

My dog is in late middle age - in dog years. She's still bouncy, but less so than before and... has become picky about certain foods.

She no longer eats lettuce or watercress. Which means I am needing to get used to this life where, if someone drops salad greens on the kitchen floor, the dog won't clean it up for us - we need to do it. Ourselves. As in, before we used to drop food and, whoomp!, it was gone. Just gone.

But now she picks through - eats the bits of grated carrots, and sweetcorn - but won't touch lettuce or watercress.

What a grinch.