New Zealand is to start a nation-wide lockdown

This afternoon New Zealand's prime minister gave a public address. I am going by memory, but in a nutshell: New Zealand is to start a nation-wide lockdown (for at least 4 weeks) in 48 hours' time. Schools closed this afternoon. Only "essential services" can remain open - everyone else is to close. (What's "essential services"? Medicine, food, power supply, communication etc). There are 102 confirmed Covid-19 cases in New Zealand as of today and no deaths yet.

After I heard the prime minister's address, I packed my office paraphenalia into a box and came home. My children and my husband were already home. For the next 4 weeks, we'll spend time with each other and see what happens.

I don't expect that I will be able to continue working. I have a little bit to do - clear the email, answer some enquiries, calculate a couple of construction projects which were already in the estimation stage. But once that is done, it's probably... into the same bucket that a lot of other people are already in: see if work returns, if not then look for new work and... see what happens.


  1. Meie maakonnas on alkoholi ja kanepiped ka avatud - ikkagi essential services :D