Learning to put my foot forward

It's a long story, and I am not going into all the details, but I am looking for a new job. (Fortunately, I am doing it with my current employer's encouragement and blessing so, hey!, it could be worse.)

But anyway: tonight I was sitting in front of a computer, reading through employment ads.

Nah, haven't quite got all the things they're requiring.
Nah, they've said at least 5+ years of experience.
Nah, that's not quite it...

And then I thought, hang on, Maria. Haven't you read through boatloads of articles and research which say, pretty much, this exact same thing? Women tend to, predominantly, read through an employment ad and only apply if they have 90+ percent of the role requirements. Whereas men tend to, predominantly, kind of go, f*ck it, apply, and hope for the best.

Some people even argue that this, amongst other things, is what holds women back in employment.

I paused, thought for a while and then... went back to the first ad and thought, f*ck it. They can decide whether I'm good enough on their end.

And I clicked "Apply" and put my CV forward. On all three vacancies.

We'll see what happens.

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  1. Tubli oled, just nii peabki, peaasi, et tahtmist oleks!