On Ally Willen

Somehow, this quote rings with me:

“I have to be young and stupid before I become old and wise.”


I came across it because of... internet, really. I clicked on something, then clicked on the next thing, the next thing.

I read news stories about the two people who drowned in the Makarora last week. Then I read about a third person who is currently still missing near Brewster track - which, I've said many times, is my favorite place in New Zealand. That lead me to read Backcountry Accidents on Wilderlife, and in particular a sad story of Ally Willen who died on Gillespie Pass track in 2015.

I'd never heard of Ally before, but now her story rings with me, too.

Her family have set up a foundation in Ally's name: Live Like Ally Foundation. On their website, that's where I found that quote; where I read about her 3-year correspondence with a prisoner in Texas; and her description of the tattoo that is now a logo of the Live Like Ally Foundation. As I read the words with which her family have described Ally, I can feel their love for her, and that she was an old person in a young body, really.

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