Wintertime coastal rainforest a.k.a mud

One day in the future someone's going to ask my kids, "Why did you like going on walks with mom and dad when you were little?" and there's a good chance they're going to reply, "Because they let us eat food we normally wouldn't have in the house."

Chocolate-covered pretzels for the win.

Mind you, it is a winter-time coastal rainforest after all, with all its associated, ahem!, track conditions. Let's put it this way: in a way, chocolate-covered pretzels can even be viewed as a necessity, depending on whose viewpoint you're looking at it from. And in our case the viewpoint was keeping people moving for about 3 hours.

PS. It's fun though. Almost all of it!

Grim reading

"One of things that has happened in America is that because the white American majority is so racist, they didn't understand that the consequences of their racism was going to be their own impoverishment a few decades later." 

The Reaganite "counter-revolution" of the 1980s was underpinned by racism, he says. "It said we don't have to build any public goods - healthcare, retirement education - all of these things. "And a lot of that was driven by white people thinking I won't invest in them, I'm not going to pay for those kids' schools, those peoples' retirement. "Those 'people' of course being black, brown, Asian, Mexican whatever - other people. 

"As a result of that kind of thinking, a few decades from then, they themselves wouldn't have things like public healthcare, education, retirement, public transport because those things, either all the society has them, or nobody does." This has left Americans paying "insane, extortionate rates for basic things."

My dog can spell!?

Apparently, our dog has learned to spell W-A-L-K.

For a long time we've been using it as a codeword, discussing whether to take her for a walk with us or not - spelling it out, W-A-L-K, so she doesn't hear the word "walk" which she recognises and gets ridiculously excited about.

And, apparently, we've now used it long enough that she's... learned the meaning. My husband spelled it out this morning and dog went, boom!, jumping around the hallway, looking like she knew full well what the discussion was about.

Labradors' brain.