A good interview about climate change

Kim Hill interviewing Naomi Oreskes - and discussing, among other things, how disinformation about climate change is spread.


Also, about 11 minutes in, Naomi tells a story about a "scientific" theory that got circulated many years ago which argued that women should not be educated due to a law of thermodynamics.

I laughed.

The first, quite a restful week

At 7:20 this morning I was putting on a jacket in the hallway, ready to go for a walk with the dog. And then it struck me: 6 weeks ago, this time I would've already been cycling towards town to drop kids off at daycare, and heading to lectures thereafter.

Instead, this morning, the kids were still at the breakfast table; when I got back from the walk with the dog they were sprawled across the floor with boxes of Lego.

Change in work circumstances is definitely bringing a change in pace, and I quite like it. I think I am heading off to a passive house open day in a couple weeks' time.


Today, New Zealand passed a Zero Carbon Bill. It sets a legal requirement for the country to become "net zero carbon" by 2050.

The developing language of a 5-year-old

I give kids each a piece of 72% cocoa chocolate. Little miss 5 tastes it and exclaims: "It tastes like chives dilligrams!"

No, I don't know that that means either.