I am starting a new job. On Passive Houses!

In 4 weeks I will start working as a quantity surveyor for a passive house company.

I am beyond excited. Giddy, almost. That I have been lucky enough to score such a job straight out of school, I still quite can't wrap my head around it. On one hand, I feel like I've earned it. I've been one of the top-performing students throughout study and have a deep-seated passion / interest for passive houses. If anyone out of our graduating class deserves this opportunity, it's me.

On another hand though, I feel like something's about to go wrong, because I'm not used to having things come as, I don't know, easy - as this seems to have come. An ex-tutor asked if I'd be interested in a job - without me ever having realised they were hiring - recommended me to them; and although I wasn't quite what this company needed - they needed someone way more experienced because the job entails running large budgets on almost sole charge - the company have created a new position just so that they can fit me in and I'm, like, WHAA!?

No, seriously: WHAA!?

This feels... weird. Not necessarily wrong, but definitely weird.

I don't, normally, believe in karma. Good things don't always happen to good people, bad don't always happen to bad people. Partially, I think, I've received this job offer because of my academic achievement and work ethic - my tutor recommended me to this company.

Partially, though, I think I just got lucky.

Because, look, a lot of people play Lotto; few hit the jackpot. I don't know if the tutor who recommended me for this position were even aware that this is the single Invercargill company involved in the build of Passive Houses. Did they know that I have a deep-seated interest in this architectural concept?

I don't know - I will ask them when I meet with them next week. For the moment though, I think the answer is no. I think the fact that I happened to be recommended for pretty much the only such job available in Southland was just an outrageous, lucky coincidence. And although I don't, normally, believe in karma or in positives being "evened out" with negatives - I think some people get exceedingly lucky without deserving it, and others get horribly treated without deserving, either - at the moment I am sitting here, thinking, where's the catch? Is something horrible about to happen? Am I allowed to have all this "loveliness" happen to me, you know, for free?

Because in addition to quantity surveying and passive houses, my work will involve design support. As in, I will get to work alongside an experienced architect and create 3D renderings using ArchiCAD. (Wait, what? I will get to work both in quantity surveying AND architecture side of passive houses?! Say WHAA!?!)

When the idea got first floated during a job interview, I started laughing. After I had calmed down enough to talk like a decent human being, I explained to them that I've wanted to be an architect for a long time. In fact, I have said for several years that, in an ideal world, I would be an architect designing multi-unit residential passive houses. Quantity surveying has been a "close enough" option I've settled on for practical, realistic purposes. For them to have offered me a position of working alongside an architect without even knowing that I wanted it in the first place, it felt like random numbers on a paper had coincided with random balls being shot out of a Lotto machine. Is this what people who win Lotto feel?

So, yeah, let's just put it this way: I am very, very excited.


  1. Nii äge!!! Ja muidugi sa oled selle täiega ära teeninud. Oli ka aeg, ma ütleks, et midagi nii ägedat juhtuks :D

  2. Ülilahe! Suured õnnesoovid!!

  3. Head asjad juhtuvad just nendega, kes on pingutanud. Edu Sulle!!!

  4. Super tore uudis! Palju õnne!

    PS. Kuidas nii, et sa ei ole seda ära teeninud???
    Oleneb mida sa LUCK all muidugi mõtled, aga mina usun seda ütlust: Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.


  5. Tore-tore-tore :)
    Vaata asja nagu see on: tehtud töö tasub ära! Näide elust enesest, miks tasub koolis pingutada. Ja see arhitektuuri pool, no, vahel peab ju vedama kah :D
    p.s. Ma loodan, et sa kirjutad oma tööst veel palju postitusi. Täiesti huvitav oleks lugeda Uus-Meremaa passiivmajade kohta.
    p.p.s. Õnne kooli lõpu puhul ka, kas seal riigis on ka mingi uhke lõpuaktus?