It is worth double-checking

It is worth double-checking when:

  • a white person says that people of colour do not get discriminated against,
  • a cis male says that women do not get discriminated against,
  • a real estate salesperson says that a house is warm,
  • any salesperson, really, says that their product is good,
  • a person who is not renting says that there isn't a rental shortage,
  • a person living in a wealthy area says that schools in a poor areas get adequate funding,
  • a person whose parents contributed towards their house deposit says that real estate is affordable,
  • a person whose family are all university-educated says that there aren't social barriers for attending uni.
This list could continue.

The bottom line is: if they are not the person who would experience the problem if the problem existed, then they may not be aware of it.

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  1. On the school funding one, no school is adequately funded if in the public system; I don't know about the private system since I've had no dealings in that department. I have noticed that higher decile schools seem to think parents have bottomless pockets though.