My dog's an opportunist

I've written before about my Labrador Retriever being always, always hungry.

But it goes deeper than that, of course. Up until a few years ago, she would get fed (once in the morning, once at night) but not until she has followed one of us around the house like a limpet, sticking her snout into backs of people's knees, making us trip over - her labradorian way of saying, hey, look, you! You haven't fed me yet. Feed me.

Then, one day, accidentally, she got fed twice in one evening. I had already fed her dinner and left the house to go to writers' group; and then my husband, unaware that she's already been fed, gave her dinner again because, apparently, 'the dog behaved like she hasn't been fed yet'.

Well, call me bananas, but the dog has learned from that.

Now even if she's already been fed, she will - in an opportunist way - follow people around the house like a limpet, making a face of feed me, feed me, please, master, and... sometimes, she has actually pulled this off. It's now come to a point where, before giving her food, me and my husband check with each other, "Have you fed the dog yet!?"

Today I gave her the breakfast. She then continued hanging out in the kitchen with me, looking at me all sad-faced.

You have already been fed, dog! I know because I WAS THE ONE WHO DID IT!!! Sod off.

I love her, of course, but, man!, she can be a persistent bugger.


  1. Kui meie tita just sündinud oli, tegi meie kass meile täpselt sama asja. Unesegased, mina kogu aeg mäluaukudes, ei kontrollind, kas kass on süüa saanud. Ta sai parematel päevadel 4 korda päevas tavalise 2 asemel. Aga siis me õppisime ka ära üksteiselt küsima, et kle, kas sa kassile süüa juba panid :D