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A team of researchers have discovered that playing techno music (and, more specifically, a song by an artist Skrillex) puts mosquitos off from biting. 

The theory is, male and female mosquitos struggle to harmonise their flight tones in the presence of techno music. Something about the combination of high frequency and low frequency sounds keeps them from mating and, as a result, from biting and sucking blood. There is now research underway to develop sound-based insect repellent products for people. (Man, I hope they're going to develop something which is inaudible to a human ear, because when I listened to Skrillex's music that was used in this research, I kind of got the feeling that if I blast this sort of stuff from portable speakers, then it's going to drive away both mosquitos and humans who may be nearby.)


@suddenlysamantha is an interesting Instagram account of a transgender woman. She used to be a father to 4 boys and now, after gender-transitioning, remains married to the same woman and they together continue raising their family as two mums (is the correct term gay relationship? Not sure.). Her wife, Laura, is described in this interesting Wbur story.


I still haven't figured out if it's true that certain monkey babies tend to play with 'gendered' toys: boy monkeys with boy toys and girl monkeys with girl toys. But this Reddit is a good place to start.


A gallery of a family who photograph themselves once a year for 21 years.


Kyle Griffin is the last remaining Twitter account I follow in terms of watching the garbage bin fire that is the US politics.


Did you know that it's possible to give birth to children who are NOT genetically related to you? Or that 1 in 8 people are actually twins, but their twin was reabsorbed and they were born 'single'? Or that some women carry within them cells of their born and un-born children? From this North & South article:

"Bianchi found a woman with goitre, which had destroyed her own thyroid cells. Oddly, the gland was still secreting healthy amounts of thyroid hormone. The gland, it turned out, was stuffed with her son’s cells. The evidence, writes Zimmer, pointed to an amazing conclusion.

“A fetal cell from her son had wended its way through her body to her diseased thyroid gland. It had sensed the damage there and responded by multiplying into new thyroid cells, regenerating the gland.”

In another case, a woman’s liver had been ravaged by hepatitis C. Years before, she’d had a pregnancy terminated. Incredibly, her aborted son’s cells, still bearing the Y chromosome of the father, came to the rescue by rebuilding an entire lobe of her liver."


New Zealand Geographic explains in this article how sea ice helps to cool the planet not just by acting as a 'reflecting mirror', but through a mechanism I had not heard about before:

"When sea ice forms on the Southern Ocean, the salt is expelled, leaving very dense, saline water sinking onto the Antarctic Continental Shelf. It forms a kind of river system, pouring through canyons into the abyss of the deep ocean. As the cold water descends, it also transports heat [...]."

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