Abolish the Daylight Savings

If New Zealand held a referendum on whether to keep - or abolish - Daylight Savings then I would definitely vote to abolish it.

I do not need this twice-a-year backwards and forwards hippity-hopping in my life.

The older I get, the less I am liking it; to a point where I now think that people who support Daylight Savings are obviously not working parents of young children. Or if they are, maybe they have more forgiving working hours, but the bloody murder that happens in my house twice a year is just... grrrgh!

I dropped my daughter off at daycare and said to the teacher, "She's about 2 hours short of sleep, so I fully expect the afternoon to go pear-shaped." The teacher replied, "I think most people in this room are feeling it at the moment."

Yeah, no shit Sherlock.


  1. Strangely it all worked out with my 2 year old this year. She's been getting up earlier and earlier over the last couple of months so we didn't change anything other than now she naturally wakes up at 6 instead of 5 :D

  2. Kõige kummalisem on kella keeramist jälgida loomade käitumise abil.
    Neil on ju sisemine kell täiesti olemas ja seda ei keerata ei edasi ega tagasi. Esimesed päevad peale edasikeeramist oli ikka täiesti piinlik nende ees, neil jäi ju 1 tund und vähemaks, ainuke rõõm, et ka mina ärkasin, et läheme jalutama(uimased kujud jalutuskäigul)

  3. I hate it too, would rather keep summer hours all year around; have that light in the afternoon for longer in winter so we can actually take some advantage of it and not have to try to adjust the kids; sure they're teenagers now but they still turn into grumpy little sods.