My dog does not eat, what?

Turns out, there are (there are!) things that Labrador retrievers don't eat.


We were chopping up greens for a salad today and a piece of fresh coriander landed on the floor. My husband called my dog - she's a bit like a vacuum cleaner in our house, and very efficient one at that - but instead of scooping it up (like she does everything else that lands on the floor), she sniffed it, pushed it aside and... went back in the living room.

Both me and my husband were, like, oh. My. God.

Look, my dog eats toenails, flies and linseed oil. Last week, she even ate a plaster that fell off my son's scratched finger.

But she won't eat coriander. Wow.

PS. Last week I visited Auckland for a couple of days, so my friend took care of our dog whilst we were away. Incidentally, she also had her daughter's Labrador retriever there at the same time, so she basically had two Labrador retrievers.

Well, let's put it this way... she no longer has any edible strawberries in her garden. One afternoon, she said, she looked out the window and both dogs were in her garden, riffling through strawberry plants. They didn't touch any green berries, but apparently they did a really good job of 'vacuuming out' every strawberry that had even a hint of pink on it.

Labs, eh.

PPS. Last week we walked up Omaui hill track again and blackberries are ripening alongside the track nicely.

If she could, my dog would've, no doubt, eaten them. But unfortunately blackberries have thorns on them, so you really need fingers to get the berries off the plants.

Sorry dog. I'm sure there will be plenty other edible things you'll come across in your life.

My husband and my daughter rifling through blackberry plants

View from atop Omaui hill track towards Barracuda Point below

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