A paint revolution. Sort of.

This story is too funny to not share.

This afternoon I heard someone call out from the front yard, "Hello?" A young family came closer and introduced themselves. They'd been walking past, they said, and when they saw our house, they loved how colorful it was. They'd been meaning to paint their house, too, but they hadn't been able to figure out what color exactly - until today, because seeing our house gave them the inspiration on what colors to use on theirs! 

Three planter-boxes are up now, still needing to be oiled and filled with compost. The house also needs some more painting (window sills, window top coats, rafter ends etc) and plaster/brick repairs, but for the most part, we're getting there. We're getting there!

We talked for a while, I showed them our paint swatches. Then, as they showed me photos of their house, it dawned on me: they live in the house that WE ALMOST bought 2 years ago. They're two streets away, in a very similar brick bungalow built just 3 years after our house was built: theirs is 91 years old. And! Their house also has timber boards on the gable end, so now they want to paint their gable end in rainbow-coloured stripes!

They are planning to start painting within the next 2 weeks. I look forward to seeing what they do, and I am also chuckling to myself that the old locals are probably going to think, "What is going on!?!" 

Funny. Just too funny!

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