Proud and grateful

To mark the end of a school year, the primary school was giving out awards and acknowledgements: participation in the arts, excellence in attitude, sports, perseverance, school contribution etc. For the 'big' awards, there were only 1 or 2 recipients each: 1 from junior grades, 1 from senior grades; or a single awardee overall; chosen by the committee of teachers.

My son was called on stage to receive an award of perseverance. Watching him stomp up those steps and hold up the plaque handed to him, I was proud and grateful: proud of my son, grateful for the school's recognition of this wonderful, kind, hard-working boy who, yes, perseveres. Over and over again, because that's what perseverance is :)

It remains to be seen if the trend will continue, but by focusing on children's relationships and communication skills this year through the implementation of Kiva anti-bullying programme, the school has seen an uplift in science results. As in, you focus on the mental health of kids and the strength of relationships people have, and they start doing better in maths although they are not doing more maths.

Makes sense, doesn't it?


  1. I so agree with this! Having better mental health makes you better at other stuff same as working out makes you better in everything. Sleeping properly makes you better in maths etc. Everything is connected. I am so glad schools (and all of us) are starting to comprehend it more and more :)

  2. Koolisüsteemi üle ei imesta, sest meil siin enam-vähem sama, kus akadeemilistele saavutustele lisaks pannakse väga suurt rõhku ka laste personaalsele ja sotsiaalsele arengule.
    Sinu poisile aga plaksutan kõvasti! :-)

    Ilusat jõuluaega kogu su toredale perele!