On not wanting to blog any more

After 14 years, I am thinking of quitting blogging.

It doesn't feel right any more. My life is so intertwined with other people's lives that I am constantly struggling to figure out, is it my story to tell? Or is it somebody else's story? Sometimes I write up an entire blog post and right before hitting 'Publish' I think... nah. It's not my story to be putting it out there like that. And then I delete. Sometimes I do hit 'Publish' but later think: shouldn't have done that.

It was easier 10 years ago. There were fewer people involved in my writing, and my own moral compass pointed differently. Now I'm at a point where I am thinking, I should just keep my children out of it. When I deal with people at work or at school, same thing: the blog is not the right place to be venting it.

But I don't yet know what other medium to use instead. I do wonder about it though, and at some point, I'm gonna figure it out. When it happens, I'll probably share here. I think. We'll see.

Another problem is, a lot of the time the things I want to be writing are construction-related. And I don't want to just write - I want to discuss, and get other people's thoughts. What's a good way of detailing a window opening? Should extending a wall cavity be worth the savings from an extended layer of insulation? What about monolithic wall claddings - just rip them off? The blog is, simply, not the place to be discussing this stuff any more because the people I want to talk to are not here.

So I'll keep wondering about it, and finding my own balance somewhere in the middle of it all. For the moment though, I'm getting the paperwork ready for getting a building consent from the council. It's fun, working on it.