Questions and answers: where I find interesting videos, articles and stuff

There were two people, in fact, who recently asked me under Questions and Answers where I find links to interesting videos, articles and such. Kaili and Kuidaskasvatadainimest, both, basically asked the same question: have I got recommendations on where to find more interesting stuff?

And I had to think about it at first, because I haven't got a specific place. Rather, it's a combination of places where I occasionally find interesting stuff, so I think it's to do with my general consumption habits.

Radio New Zealand National

I have, for years, loved Kim Hill who hosts a weekly radio show called Saturday Morning. She is, I think, the best radio presenter and interviewer I have ever come across. The way she poses her questions regularly makes me think, man, I wouldn't have thought to ask that! But I'm glad she did, because this is so cool to know! She has a singular skill of making her guests, I don't know, come alive, almost, on the radiowaves. They can be talking about the most mundane topics and, somehow, on Kim Hill's show a lot of it ends up being absolutely fascinating!

I rarely get a chance to hear Saturday Morning when it aires on, well, Saturday morning :), so every few weeks I head to Saturday Morning's website instead, download a variety of .mp3 interviews onto my computer (and iPod) and then listen to them when... I get a chance, basically. When I walk to work, for example, or when I drove from Invercargill to Christchurch prior to our trip to Europe - I listened to Kim Hill's interviews for about 8 solid hours :D

My favorites are:
Nick Tyler: rethinking urban movement
Johan Rockström: planetary boundaries
Julian Savulescu: ethics of human enhancement
Marcus Davey: the artificial womb
Matt Vickers: Lecretia's law
Brendan Cox: in memory of Jo
Stephen Nicol: curious krill

I sometimes get to hear snippets of other programmes, too, if I happen to drive somewhere during daytime - I always, if I have radio on at all, have it tuned to Radio New Zealand. For example, Mark Forsyth: the history of boozing was good, and there are more.

A side effect, sort of, to listening to RNZ is that I hear snippets of interesting people talk about interesting things, and then I google the stuff at home and find even more stuff. Sometimes they suggest good books, or good blogs or whatever.


Then, of course, there is Youtube.

I think my viewing history in Youtube has now become such that, when something interesting crops up somewhere, it ends up in my feed. Sooner or later, it finds me.

Because, look, I regularly go to Youtube to find some Shaun the Sheep cartoons for the kids or a space documentary for a Friday evening movie night. Half my feed, at the moment, is full of Pingu cartoons :). But the thing is, I also see a whole bunch of other stuff related on my feed, and I regularly see something fascinating enough that I think, oh, wow, that looks cools. I should watch that later.

There's long-form interviews with writers, scientists and politicians (good for background noise when chopping up veggies in the kitchen), environmental documentaries, snippets of The Ellen Show, animation. A lot of the stuff that ends up on my blog I've probably found either randomly on Youtube or heard about on Radio New Zealand.


I follow a handful of blogs, for example:

Life of an Architect
Under the Sycamore
Otsetee blogi
The Mind/Matter Project
Economics New Zealand
Very Purple Person
Paisley Jade
The Wilder Coast
Hyperbole and a Half

Occasionally these bloggers link something interesting, and I end up linking it on my own blog. Some of them no longer write, but it gives you an idea of the sort of stuff I am reading.


I am a member of the New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors (as a QS student, membership is currently free of charge for me) and every few weeks I get a newsletter which is full of links to articles, videos, podcasts etc.


The Man is a daily reader of BBC website, so when he sees something interesting, he goes, "Oh, cool!"

Inevitably (because he tends to say just "Oh, cool!" and does not follow it up with anything else), I ask him, "What's cool?" And then he tells me. And if I find it interesting, I'll google it later.


And, to be fair, a lot of it is simply googling something else and finding cool stuff instead :)

Any other questions? Ask them under the comments at Would you like to ask me a question?, please.

PS. And just because they're cute: The Kid's school had a dress-up-as-an-animal day.


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