So help me Bob

I can see that my New Zealand citizenship application is being processed in Wellington because the application fee ($470) has left the bank account. I'm curious to see how long the rest of the process will take.

As part of the process, I will need to attend a citizenship ceremony where I swear "allegiance" to New Zealand. I am given a choice of either taking an oath that ends with the words "So help me God" or an affirmation that does not have God in it.

I chose an affirmation.

I discussed it with The Man this morning and he said how, aged 13, he had to take an oath when he was joining the Scouts in Britain. They, too, had something about God in the oath and, even aged 13, he refused to say "God".

The Scouts wouldn't allow him to simply skip the oath, so The Man found a solution: he replaced "God" with "Bob", and took the oath.

He doesn't remember the exact wording, but it must've ended in something like, "I must promise to do my best for Bob, Queen and the country."


  1. Mu on sama asi ees, kodanikuvande andmine. Õnneks, nagu sinagi, saan valida:

    Aga see „So help me Bob“ on kaval mõte. Mina, kui mul affirmationi-võimalust poleks, ütleksin koerainimesena siiski „So help me Dog“ =)

  2. Oh my Bob, I laughed so hard at this :D Thank you for sharing!!