Questions and answers: an epic New Zealand adventure I would go on

A couple of days ago Kate asked me, "If you could go on any epic New Zealand adventure, what would would you do and why?"

Wow, I must admit: that question really "winded" me. Not at first - because at first I thought, cool, I'll think of something I want to do in New Zealand. But then the longer I was thinking about it, the harder it was becoming because I got really... stuck with the choices that if I could do ANYTHING, what would I do?

One thing was money: if I assumed that money was not an issue, then it opened up possibilities that I hadn't considered before. Maybe sail a yacht around the South Island? Trek through difficult portions of the Southern Alps with a good friend of mine, a mountain guide on Mount Cook? Learn to fly a helicopter in Wanaka?

But, no, I thought - I don't feel passion towards those choices. I mean, I'd like to do them, yes, they're luxurious, yes, they sound exciting, yes, and they're normally out of my price range. But if I only had ONE choice and I could do ANYTHING, then in all honesty, I would actually choose to do...

...exactly the same thing I did in my first year in New Zealand, and that is to simply backpack the length of the country at a leisurely pace and to follow the seasons to where the work is.

I would stay at simple, cheap backpackers' hostels along the way and make friends with the people who stay there.

I would jump into wintery lakes with them, clothes and all, and laugh about it afterwards.

Sometimes, I would even put a wetsuit on - not that it helps much :)

I would buy an old campervan and let it take me to places that are too far to walk or take a bus to.

And I would work - short, seasonal jobs along the way. Pick apples in autumn, prune grapes in winter, plant all kinds of vegetables in spring.

Whenever between jobs, I would head in the mountains and just... be.

Sometimes alone; sometimes I would take these trips with friends I make along the way. Even in rain.

Of course, there would also be parties - not necessarily the big kind, but just hanging out with people I get along with.

Because money wouldn't be an issue, I would continue trying out things that are fun: like bungy jumping, and long-cable canyon swinging.

Head out on a boat.

Oh, and I would definitely do more canyoning! That was really fun.

Most of all, I would take the time to just be, and move unrushed, and rather than having an itinerary and a plane to catch and a rental car to drop off, I would just... be.

Yeah, I would just be, to be honest. I'd have the luxury of time.

That, and a lot of hikes of Department of Conservation land. :)

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  1. Thank you! This is a great answer! Isn’t the luxury of time something we could all use? I’m getting itchy feet and have a bit of wanderlust at the moment and the thought of taking an extended trip like this would be a welcome change from our routine here in Wellington. I’d love to go from spot to spot as we please. Although an extended adventure is not quite possible right now we are making an effort to explore more when we can. Thanks for sharing your pics of your first years adventure in New Zealand!