Questions and answers: deleting old blog posts

K.T. asked me a couple of days ago: "In one of the previous posts you mentioned that you are closing down your older blogs and old posts on this blog. Here's my question: why do you blog publicly at all if you don't want people to read them later? I personally like going back to older topics when I remember, oh, that person covered it a while a ago - I come across something from another angle and then it's interesting to read how someone else has handled it and to form an opinion about it (not that it should affect you as a blog author at all :D). I hope this question doesn't come across offensive because I'm asking it out of curiosity."

(In original Estonian it was: "Ühes eelnevas postituses mainisid, et paned kinni vanad blogid ja selle blogi vanad postitused. Siit mu küsimus: miks sa seda avalikku blogi üldse pead kui tundub, et sa ei taha, et inimesed su blogisid hiljem loeks? Mulle isiklikult nt meeldib pöörduda tagasi kunagi loetud teemade juurde kui nt tuleb meelde, et oot, sellest oli seal blogis juttu ja tekib mingi teise nurga alt kokkupuude sama teemaga, siis on huvitav vaadata, et mis täpselt oli ja oma arvamust kujundada (mitte, et see sind blogipidajana kuidagi huvitama peaks :D). Ma loodan, et see küsimus solvav ei tundu, igal juhul see pole nii mõeldud, lihtsalt uudishimu.")

There isn't one single reason - rather, I think the best answer is that I've become uncomfortable about my older posts.

When I first started blogging, I didn't have an etiquette of how I handled other people's information. I used their real names, wrote without much discretion, basically, just wrote about situations the way I came across them and it's only with time and age that I've learned to respect other people's privacy more than that. It is still a balancing act, but I now attempt to stand somewhere between my right of expression and other people's right not to be identified through my writing.

Now I change names and identifying details, pick-and-choose between stories I write down at all and looking back I've become uncomfortable with the fact that I have years worth of information on my blog written at a time when I didn't exercise such discretion.

In an ideal world (where I have A LOT of free time) I would systematically read through all the old posts and re-publish some of them - but leave others as a draft. I would publish the stories that are mostly about me because that's my own discretion what I do with my own information, but if there was a story that I felt treaded too much on another person's privacy then I would either 1) change it or 2) leave it as a draft. 

Because I don't have such time though, then for the moment I've simply turned all the old stuff into draft, unavailable to general public.

The thing I miss the most, I think, is DIY-type sharing where I've written about houses or where I've put up links to interesting interviews/videos online. All that stuff is in "hidden" from view at the moment.

Maybe one day I'll have the time to re-read and re-publish at will. But not at the moment :)

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