I'm talking to myself

Do I talk to myself when I do schoolwork? Yes - yes, I do.

"Wait, but the rafter's sitting on.... oh, shh." 

"It's not 4 point because it's... the wall's sitting at..."

"Come on, do it."

"Soh Cah Toa. I have... hypotenuse. Adjacent. So I have... okay, cosine."

"3 point... No, it's not 3 point. It's... oh, shh."

"Come on, Maria."

To the outsider, what I say probably makes very, very little sense. But to me, it's the internal urging on of COME ON MARIA YOU CAN DO THIS, JUST FINISH THIS GODDAMN ASSIGNMENT AND THIS SCHOOL!!!

Last assignment. I finish this assignment and then it's school holidays and I will have caught up!

You can do it, Maria. Come on, do it. Just bit by bit, until it's finished. Do it. You can do it.

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