A great example of house renovations

There is a house in Christchurch I've now repeatedly used as an example in various schoolwork.


It sets a great example of how renovation-works can be done in an old house - done, I assume, over a lengthy time, in bits and bobs, here and there, as time and money allow. With relatively simple methods they've increased the comfort and the healthy-ness of the house, and I applaud them for it.

My favorite is a "trombe wall" they've built on the North-West corner of the house - and it's not really a trombe wall by definition as it's on the outside of the building, but I didn't know how to call it otherwise - so I hope they won't mind me posting a single photo here:

Photo from http://www.ecosolutions.net.nz/Eco-House-Upgrade.aspx

Prior to that, I had never seen a case where someone had added thermal mass on the outside of the building with windows above it to precisely bring that heat inside, but here you go. A novel idea.

I hope that soon, I'll be able to show what we're up to, too. But not yet - still schoolwork. An environment assignment today, hence this quick blog post about this house I'm mentioning in schoolwork again.

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