"It'll be easy."

"Don't worry, it's an easy assignment."

It is NEVER an easy assignment if your tutor feels the need to predate it with this sentence!



So, to give you the back story: two weeks ago our tutor gave us a class assignment. We were doing wall framing - working out loaded dimensions of walls and from there, calculating what size timbers we needed to put up walls in houses.

This was the plan view of the house the tutor wanted us to do in class:

This photo will probably say very little to people who aren't studying architecture, so let me just sum it up by: THIS ASSIGNMENT WAS A MAJOR PAIN IN THE HOLE!

The house was so "wonky" in terms of its layout and the roofline that there were 15 (!) different wall sections of different kinds of loaded dimensions. 15!

I think it took us a better part of an hour just to work out what the sections were. Even the tutor was visibly astounded that it had ended up such a mindf*ck, pardon my English, because he hadn't done the assignment beforehand and hadn't expected that it would end up such a pain.

But we got it done. The tutor then handed us the assessment papers to take home (ie, the stuff we have to do at home independently, so we can get graded afterwards) and said, "Look, guys, if you were able to do that, you'll find the assessment easy. Easy!"


No, no, no, no, no.


The assessment house has 1) rafters above the living room, 2) trusses above the bedrooms, 3) half-trusses above the ensuite and 4) rafters with a skillion roof above the master bedroom, held at the top end by a square-truss.


I don't mind doing hard assignments, but why do they insist on predating them with words, "It'll be easy!" ???


Two weeks ago a similar scenario happened at a construction documentation class. A variety of fictional scenarios got given to us and we needed to create paperwork / e-mails / letters to show how we would deal with situations like that.

The tutor, also, was saying, "Oh, it'll be easy!" and the girls were already laughing, "It's never easy when you say it's easy!" - "Oh, but trust me: this one is! It's easy! You'll have it done and over with in a couple of hours!"

5.5 hours I sat over that assignment. And not, as in, "sat" over the assignment, but "worked laboriously" over that assignment for solid 5.5 hours.

Classmates were later asking me, "Did you find it easy?" - "No. It was not easy."

And they laughed, "It wasn't, was it! I don't know why he even bothers saying it's going to be easy. It never is!"


Because the bottom line is: the assignment might be easy, yes.

But if the tutor says it's easy, it's never easy.

I think they just say it to make themselves feel a little better.

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