I can't believe I just wrote that :D

I just sent an e-mail to a friend and, looking back, it makes me grin that I admitted this in an e-mail, but:

"Even when I am asleep, I have exceptionally colorful dreams. I sometimes "lucid dream", but usually it is because something in my dream is so outrageously crazy that, in my dream, I start thinking, "Wait, this can't possibly make sense. How can this be?!" and then I realise, "Oh, I know, I must be dreaming! That's why it's so crazy here!" And then when I realise I am dreaming, I become aware of being able to dream about anything I want to, kind of like putting on a movie on the TV. I once even tried having sex with John Mayer to see if it would work :D (It did, but he wasn't very good, unfortunately.)"


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