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I said to a friend I met in London that, since having kids, I learned to choose what I do, rather than do what I want.

It's not black and white, of course (nothing ever is), but before kids I could pretty much do what I want, period. 1) Decide what I want, 2) go for it.

After kids I learned to choose instead. I do something not necessarily because I want it, but because I choose to.


The Kid and The Man are in Auckland today. Tomorrow they'll be part of a research lab - The Kid will be filmed in front of a green screen, and they'll create a computerised model of his body and his movements, which I think is a fair way of saying that we're definitely in 21st century today.

Their accommodation is in Takapuna, right on the beach, so the skyline will be looking something like this tonight.


This summer I'll be taking at least The Kid on an overnight hike with me, possibly The Girlie, too.

We're still talking about "easy" hikes in terms of terrain - possibly the first bit of Hollyford track (with an overnight stay at Hidden Falls hut), or maybe Kepler track from its back end and walk to Moturau hut (though being a serviced hut on what they call a Great Walk - that would be a very luxurious stay indeed).

Either way, the first what I'd consider "hill walk" we did this summer with kids - Omaui hill track...

... left me feeling that The Kid can do it, and I'm ready to go there with him. Wanting to go out there with him!


I'm getting a school assignment after a school assignment done, work-work-work, and I'm feeling it. Both in terms of progress (I've done a heck of a lot in the last 2 weeks since returning from Europe!) but also in terms of weariness. I'm tired.

But it has to be done, so I'm going to do it, and I'm going to graduate the damn thing.

But man I'm tired...


Still working on the house plans for the upcoming renovation. Wish I had the time to upload proper sketches and tell you what we're doing, but I don't have the time - not at the moment - so it'll have to wait. Schoolwork comes first.

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