Why travelling is important

This trip is reminding me why travelling is so important: it's to meet people with a different point of view, for to have cooperation I need to understand how other people think and feel - and so does everyone else, I think.

Looking at the prospect of travelling with children though, the word that comes to mind first is daunting because, at a point where one is 3 and the other one is 7, it is. It is!

But the good thing is, they're growing. In fact, they're growing very fast. Soon enough it'll be reasonable enough taking them along to long trips, and I am looking forward to that: to taking my children to places people don't agree with them, and for them to learn what that's like because in the 8 years of living in New Zealand I think I had managed to forget a lot of that.

And this trip is reminding me of that.

It's reminding me that travelling is to meet people with a different point of view.

PS. It's so hot here that it's been 5 days since I've worn a jumper or a long sleeve t-shirt. Basically, short sleeves and shorts all day, every day.

Welcome to Estonia in May, huh.

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  1. Kui ma teie Eesti reisi kuupäevi nägin, siis ma mõtlesin, et miks te suvel ei tule, oleks soe ja mõnus :D
    Tundub päris geniaalse mõttena praegu...