"Reisikaja" podcast now available on Soundcloud

On my last day in Estonia I sat down with Agaate Antson (travel editor at Postimees) in their Tallinn studio and we talked about Alaska, Svalbard and New Zealand.

As usual, the recording is an excellent example of the fact that I do not stick to the topic when asked about something and tend to, basically, go off on random tangents all over the place :D. But if you'd like, the podcast is available to listen at:

* Postimees' website reisile.postimees.ee/4494449/reisikaja-uus-meremaa-ongi-nii-imeline-nagu-raagitakse (there are also a bunch of photos there in a gallery), or


Whilst I was in Estonia a new batch of my book was printed (with an addition of one new chapter at the end) so here I am in the office of the publishing house showing it off - and, as is also usual, showing excellent style having just come from the swimming pool, wearing a size-too-large t-shirt and trying to put up the least awkward smile for the purposes of the photo.

Photo from www.facebook.com/petroneprint/photos/a.394211393136.161194.293882358136/10155683177298137

But, hey, my kids slept until 6 am today so it's all good, because life is starting to make sense again. So I'm not worried :)


  1. Nii vahva kuulamine oli! Mulle jäi hästi hinge saate lõpusosas kõlanud mõte, et ma olen elult nii palju saanud, nüüd on minu kord aidata ja anda ... Ja kui nüüd juba kiitmiseks läks, siis pean ikka ütlema, et ma tulen siia blogipessa just Sinu eluterve ja eurõõmsa suhtumise pärast. Iga kord kui Su postitusi loen, on endal nägu naerul ja samm kuidagi kergem :-) Hästi lahe oled!

    1. *loeb kommentaari ja punastab*