Photos! Second week in Estonia

When we arrived in Estonia, we weren't greeted with the (what is now an unseasonable) sweltering heat quite yet. At first, it was May like Mays go - think jackets, hats, layers against the wind and trees not quite in bloom yet.

It was... familiar.

We spent time in parks.

On the beach.

Then, very quickly, the weather turned - but not for the worse.

For better.

It's been solidly 20-25 for a whole week and to say that I've been making use of the various "cold wet weather gear" that we brought over from New Zealand would be a lie because I've, basically, been living barefeet, in t-shirts and shorts, and so have my children.

At first it was the weird juxtaposition of warm weather but still bare trees...

...and then the trees went, BOOM! Green.

...and now we're at a point where it's actually hard to sleep at night because it's... hot. I mean, seriously: hot.

The Man learned a little more about the quirky little Soviet-era towns near the Russian border where I grew up and used to call home (complete with the local taste for home decor).

We visited a science center (Ahhaa), a zoo (Tallinn), a toy museum (Miiamilla) which were all absolutely brilliant - especially the toy museum with its playroom which my children, tired from the travelling, found solace and joy in.

There was also family. Lots of family. And friends.

I'm mindful of uploading their photos here though, because for the most part I haven't asked any of their permissions, so I'll just stick to our own.

Then, on Friday when The Man and The Kid returned to England and only the girls remained - me and my daughter - it quietened down a lot. I think we all started to catch up on sleep, and just... lounging because that first week of whole-family-in-Estonia had been demanding, and challenging, so we just took our time and pottered around.

Showed my daughter the "big sparkly house" of a local Russian Orthodox nunnery which, unsurprisingly, she found sufficiently sparkly - as you do.

I also had a little personal moment of success when it somehow turned out that the book I've been wondering about for years - a copy of Winterdance by Gary Paulsen which I got signed by Randy Cummins who I often worked alongside in Alaska in 2006 - was... at my brother's house.

I was, like, "You've got it!? I'd been wondering for years who I'd left it with!" and, with a quick rummage through his bookshelf, it was once again in my backpack.

For the past couple of days I've once again been reading it and feeling lucky that I've somehow managed to keep most of my bladder intact because, just like I say in the back of my own book now, it is the funniest book about dog sledding, ever.

Less than two weeks to go.


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