Photos: the last two weeks in Europe

As we approached our last week in Estonia (by that time The Man and The Kid had already flown back to England) we did... hanging out, mostly, I think.

Walking little fluffy dogs.

One of the dogs even went into labour earlier than expected (picture walking down a hallway in the apartment and suddenly calling out, "The puppy's out! The puppy's out!") so The Girlie got to see first-hand a dog being born.

Cool stuff, she thinks :)

We visited several indoors playgrounds. At Toila Spa.

At Ülemiste Keskus.

We said bye at the airport.

Then in England, we did more travel. We waited at airports, and bus stations, and train stations.

We made friends on trains.

We got uncles to wear cute pink backpacks ;)

We walked quiet roads to old fortifications up the hill.

I watched a typically English scene unfold when my father-in-law (a Manchester United fan) and my brother-in-law (a Chelsea fan) sat down in front of the television to watch Manchester United play against Chelsea.

Oh dear gods. My father-in-law had prepped the house by hanging up various Manchester United gear (scarves, flags, t-shirts) so when it came to the match itself, my brother-in-law (wearing a Chelsea shirt) had to sit underneath a Manchester United sign.

At one point during the match someone called from the kitchen that if my brother-in-law expects to be fed dinner tonight, Chelsea better lose.

And guess what? It didn't :). Chelsea won.

Kids loved having their cousins around.

They watched grandad's train track be worked in the garage.

At the end, the extended family even came together for a party in the back yard.

And then, it was time to go home.

More airport playgrounds.

More time zones and movies and crisps (on the plane, the kids get to eat pretty much... anything).

And then, home.

We landed at about 5:30 am on a Friday morning and I cried when first lights of New Zealand from down below appeared in the windows. It was a mixture of elated tiredness of having returned home - recognising it very clearly as HOME - and the certain knowledge that come spring, I will be applying for New Zealand citizenship.

It is a decision I made in Estonia. I had been thinking about it for a while, but in Estonia I finally decided that, yes, it makes sense. It is partially a financial reasoning: with New Zealand not having an Estonian embassy renewing my Estonian passport is an expensive exercise of either travelling to Australia twice in 2 months, or North Island of New Zealand (which either way is a pain). But also, after 9 years of living here... I am ready.

But now it's 6 am, the day is starting, the kids are up, so I will go, too.

Have a nice day, guys.


  1. See vanaema ja väikese tüdruku omavaheline pilk..... Võrratult armas ja väga ilus hetk tabatud.

  2. Teil oli ilus puhkus :)

    Passide kohta - need kehtivad ju 10 aastat. Mul on Eesti ja Austraalia oma molemad. Sa ei pea ju Eesti oma ara andma...

    1. Ei kavatsegi Eesti oma ära anda :)

      Aga kuidas sul 10-aastane pass on??? Minul on kolm viimast passi ainult viieaastased olnud.

      See Uus-Meremaa kodakondsuse asi - ma olen seda enne ka mõelnud, et kas taotleda või mitte, sest alalise elanikuna mul on pea kõik Uus-Meremaa õigused niikuinii olemas. Haigekassa, hääletamine, juriidiline tugivõrk jms. Et kodakondsus oleks lihtsalt mingi "sedel" identiteedi kohta.

      Aga Eestis ma lõpuks sain aru, et tegelt, Uus-Meremaa kodakondsus on mõistlik, sest praegu, kui ma tahan Eesti passi uuendada, see on kallis ja jama. Kui ma teen seda Eestis (nagu ma näiteks uue ID kaardi just tegin), siis ma ei saa uue passiga Uus-Meremaale sisse. Ma pean esiteks minema Londonisse Uus-Meremaa saatkonda ja maksma viisa uude passi panemise eest. (Ma küsisin immigratsiooniametilt: isegi kui ma vana passi kõrvale võtan, kus viisa on sees, ja käes on uus pass sama nimega, ma ei tohi riiki niimoodi siseneda.)

      Kui ma Eesti passi Uus-Meremaal uuendan, siis ma pean lendama Wellingtoni kaks korda (esiteks, et taotleda, siis, et kätte saada), mis on ca $800. Või lendama Austraaliasse kaks korda, sama diil. Ja siis viisa kleebist jälle uude passi vaja...

      Kui ma Uus-Meremaa kodakondsuse teen, jääb see passi-jama ära. Hakkan lihtsalt Eesti passi siis uuendama, kui Eestis külas käin.

  3. Alates 01.01.2017 on passi kehtivusaeg 10 aastat. :)

    1. Aitäh! Mina seda veel ei teadnud.