Things I'd like to do

There are a couple of things I've thought about, and with some of them I've very little idea why, but I'd like to:

* Live in Ireland for a while.

* Discover a spot in the mountains nearby where I could hike up during winter, maybe split-board style, and descend again on a snowboard - just for fun.

* Build a sauna.

* Hike Gillespie Pass with a full side-trip to Crucible Lake.

* Learn to speak some Te Reo.

* Learn basic sign language.

* Be allowed to start donating blood again.

* Take up kayak polo classes alongside The Man (who's actually pretty good at it...) and laugh at the chances of being able to dump him in the water (which he'll probably do straight back to me, but oh well).

* See live performances of Coldplay, Eddie Vedder and Ed Sheeran.

* Work for Antarctica New Zealand.

* Be involved in community-housing development.

* Teach quantity surveying base-courses.

...amongst other things, of course ;)

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