Oh no. OH NO!

Nits and head lice. ON ALL FOUR OF US!


The whole house smells like a combination of tea tree oil and whatever-else-they-put-into-those-treatment-bottles. I feel traumatised. I picked through 4 sets of heads this morning. It took three hours and the kids got to watch cartoons to their hearts' contents and now I feel, like, if I drank alcohol I could sit back with a glass of wine. But I don't like alcohol, so I don't.

They say it's a rite of passage of being a parent to young kids but... no. I don't like that idea. Because whoever it was that brought the little buggers home in the first place probably has plenty kids around them at school/preschool to do it all over again, and I really don't fancy the idea of having to check people's hair for the next 3 weeks.

But I need to, because however else am I going to make sure that we're not gonna get them again.



  1. Yuck indeed. But it is pretty common to have head lice at least once when kids are in school. They say the lice have become more resistant to the treatment chemical. But still - it is pretty annoying to have them in ones household :/ I hope you get rid of them quickly.

    1. Oh, we're not using the "chemical" treatment. We're using a product what's called Botanica "Mr nits" in New Zealand, basically a combination of a whole bunch of oils that disrupts their attachment and makes it easier to comb the bloody things out. Smells like cough medicine :)

    2. Yes, but I mean in general it's harder to get rid of them even with special chemicals. I guess it's something like bacteria getting resistant to antibiotics. At least it's possible to get rid of lice by using variable methods - different oils, combing and if that doesn't help there is always option to shave the head :P

  2. It's worth the time pulling each egg out and lots of combing! It's the worst. One time I thought I had them and was frantically checking but nope just my imagination.

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