Both beautiful, but different

Yesterday after school the kids wanted to climb a tree. The Girlie climbed up without any help, The Kid didn't.

The Girlie is bold. She is convinced that she can do things on her own, which is half the reason she does a lot of the time. The Kid often doesn't, which is half the reason he doesn't.

They are both beautiful, but they are different.

Kind of like me: I am kick-ass good at working through details, and proofing. It means that I am good at some jobs and not good at others. In some jobs my attention to detail is outright inconvenient because when I point out that this or that is broken / inefficient / etc, I may be seen as a complainer.

But I'm not. I don't complain for complaining's sake. I speak up because I see details. I look at a picture and I'm able to quickly identify patterns and spot problems. When it comes to reading architectural drawings is a kick-ass skill to have. I visualise three-dimensionally.

It's a pain in some circumstances, but a blessing in others.

Kind of like my kids: one is able to focus and work at it. The other one comes, like a freight train, with gusto and conviction that the world is hers.

Both beautiful - but different.

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  1. Ja eriti lahe, et Sa nii vahvasti, nii elutervelt, nii rõõmsalt sellest kõigest kirjutad! Pikaaegne lugeja Alpidest.