Two days in Auckand!?

Another visit to the hospital today. Talking to the orthopaedic surgeon. Discussing muscles, angles, walking patterns. He gives abbreviated instructions to the registrar who's in the room with us, I listen in and find that I'm actually able to follow most of what he's saying.

Then the surgeon starts telling me about a research lab in Auckland where they put markers on the body and get a computerised picture of how a person is moving their limbs, a very sophisticated insight, basically, and that he'd like us to become part of that research.

"Wait, Auckland? You mean, us going there? Auckland??"


(I quickly calculate travel costs in my head, one child and one adult - maybe $600 all-up. It's not a twig in the sand, but it's not going to kill us. We can handle that. This lab sounds like an awesome opportunity to be part of.)

The orthopaedic surgeon continues: it's a two-day event, so we'd need to stay overnight.

(I quickly add in my head: okay, $200 for an accommodation overnight. Yeah, okay, we can handle that.)

The orthopaedic surgeon continues talking about the Starship Children's Hospital and I finally click on: "Wait... You mean... wait, public health!?!"


And then I just about sit down with the surprise because... he's talking about an awesome opportunity that we'd want to be part of anyway, and from what I understand at the moment, it's not even going to be a major cost because part of it will be funded.

I text The Man: "Looks like you'll be flying to Auckland with [The Kid] for two days, be part of a research lab."

He replies: "You need to tell me more tonight."

Oh, yes, I do.

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