Photos of late

Went to a public talk given by Emma Stevens - a New Zealand author who's written a trilogy of memoirs detailing her life as a teacher in remote Alaskan villages

If we can, I make a point of walking even if it's raining because, turns out, when kids stay indoors often when it rains, they think that this is what we always do - stay indoors when it rains. And I'm, like, nah. If you guys want fish & chips on a Sunday, we can walk to the cornershop. I know it's raining. It's okay. We have jackets, we have umbrellas. We can walk.

That's a therapy session right there! Eating takeaway pizza when practicing using a knife :)

Saw this on my way to work the other day.

A local cafe grows some of their herbs next to the parking lot. Every now and again you'd see someone wearing an apron and a chef's hat out there with a basket and scissors, harvesting.

The Girlie insisted on wearing a dress whilst biking, so we ended up insisting it gets tucked away into her shorts so it doesn't get shredded on the back wheel. That's elegance right there :)

...and when she got too tired to pedal, ended up tying The Dog's lead on her bike and pulling her along.

They're having a picnic in the back yard. I think.

When both kids say they don't want to scooter any more and The Man attempts to scooter two at a time.

When a child asks that we set up a tent in he living room, what other answer is there other than, "Yes."

That's what DIY building work looks in the back yard, basically.

If the sky is pink with sunrise, she insist on sitting by the window. In her pink pyjamas :)

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  1. Üliarmsad hetked. Te vist saats naerda enda perekonnas päris palju! :)