How I found out I was pregnant

It still makes me grin to remember how I found out I was pregnant with The Girlie.

It was a Tuesday evening. I was driving to Christchurch to meet up with friends at craft night, and I was feeling unusually sad for some reason. I couldn't figure out why though - it was as if I was about to burst into tears, but I couldn't figure out why I'd want to cry.

And that's when I thought... wait a minute.

I pulled off the main road and stopped at a grocery shop. They were selling pregnancy test kits in the health&hygiene aisle, so I bought a test kit. At craft group I discreetly took the test in the toilet room and peed on it, and then I watched the test "window" for a clue - two dark lines would mean pregnant. One line, not pregnant.

The second line turned just a little bit dark.

I stood there, looking at it. "Is that a line?" It was hard to tell. It was so faint.

I left the test kit there and I went back in the living room. I asked one of my friends (the house's owner) to come in the toilet room with me. "Why? What is there?" she was asking and I was saying, "Come, it's okay, I'll show you." The whole 20 steps down to the toilet room she was thinking, maybe I was about to show her something gross in the toilet. Maybe her sons had done something in there?

We got to the toilet door and instead, I showed her the test kit. "Is that a line?" I asked her. "Can you tell me if you see a second line in there?" She started grinning. By that time, the once-faint line had turned distinctly darker and was, most definitely, a double line.


We laughed, hugged, she congratulated me and then we went back in the living room to sit among a bunch of friends as if all was normal, but inside, I knew that I had a little bundle growing inside my tummy.

The friend smiled. Even The Man didn't know yet.

This kiddo.

PS. In comparison, with The Kid I found out I was pregnant because I was just, continuously and at a worsening rate, nauseous all the time. After three or four days I just got to a point where I thought, nah, this is not a tummy bug any more.