Pumpkins from our garden. Tomatoes from the greenhouse. Apples off our apple tree. Dill, coriander. Broccoli. Cucumbers. Kale. Strawberries. Peas.

I get to watch birds rustle in our compost bin and kids follow butterflies around the yard. Bees love clover growing on the lawn and daisies. When caterpillars discover the kale they eat "tunnels" into the leaves, oblivious to the fact that we want to eat kale, too. It's our garden.

I like this kind of food. Still warm from the sunshine, picked straight onto the table / salad plate / oven dish and I get to call this place, "home".


  1. Siinkohal oleks korralikku fotoseeriat vaja :) Taime- ja aiapildid tekitavad alati sellise mõnusa tunde :)

  2. Just minu mõte :) Siinpool sood on ikka veel kärss kärnas ja maa külmunud, nii et pildid kuluvad igati marjaks ära!