Why primary schools are the best

The Kid attends a wonderful primary school who do, I think, a great job of teaching. The classes are organised in a way the children learn the best. The children are in the centre of the teaching, they are the focus of the teaching - as they should be.

A couple of weeks ago all teachers took part in a training course which lasted about a week. They had long lectures, group work, training sessions - professional development, basically. A couple of days in, I spoke to one of the teachers and she described how hard and tiring such a training schedule was. Whilst the topics were important, the lectures themselves were uninspiring - the way in which those educators were serving their students (in this case, professional teachers) wasn't engaging enough.

That teacher said she was glad she would never run her own classes in such a way.

I agree.

Today as I was sitting in my Measurement & Estimation class, I was thinking how the quality of teaching gradually goes down the higher the education form. Primary schools have these wonderful classrooms with a variety of activities, high schools are more "structured" but still with manageable session lengths and frequent breaks. And then in tertiary level we are now doing these massive, 3-4 hour long sessions, and the quality of some those teachers is just... yeah.

They're not teachers. They may know the industry, but they're not necessarily good at teaching.

And so whilst the fundamental topics and concepts are the simplest at the primary school level, I think the highest quality of teaching is there - in the primary schools.

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