What to pack on an overseas travel with kids?

I look forward to the time when going on a plane will once again involve a backpack. It's an old photo (2006), but basically, this:

Because at the moment... I feel I can't. As I'm preparing for our trip to Europe I feel there's no point in bringing a large backpack for all my belongings because 1) it's hard to get stuff out of it and 2) the kind of travel I'll be doing with little ones, I am not going to wear my backpack. We are going to do short day trips at most, and rest of the time we will be staying home with family, so suitcase is the way forward and for little daytrips we'll just have our little backpacks (that we take on the plane carry-on).

Our suitcase is similar to Kathmandu's 'Super Tanker Trolley'. It's kind of like a mix between a suitcase and a sports bag.

And the carry-on... Well, it's our usual school backpacks, except THERE'S A LOT OF STUFF IN THEM. Like, a lot of stuff!


Maria’s backpack

* Paperwork folder: passports, travel itineraries, insurance information, contact numbers, packing list, Estonian ID-s
* Wallet
* Phone, charger, travel power unit
* Camera
* Notepad & pens
* Sunglasses
* Watch
* Wrap-scarf
* Epilepsy wrist-tags
* Hygiene pouch: toothbrush & toothpaste, The Kid's toothbrush & toothpaste, hairbrush, deodorant, lip balm, shampoo, razor, nail clippers, tweezers, travel towel
* Medicine pouch: thyroxine, progesterone, paracetamol, ibuprofen, plasters, The Kid's paracetamol & ibuprofen, mooncup, period pads
* Water bottle
* Maria clothes change: undies, socks, t-shirt, warm socks
* The Kid's take-off / landing food: lollipops, mints, muesli bars
* Plastic spoon
* The Kid's headphones
* Wet wipes, paper tissues

The Kid's backpack

* Water bottle
* Cow cuddly-toy
* Sunglasses
* Drawing paper, colouring sheets, markers, masking tape
* Clothes change (2 undies, 2 pants, 2 socks, t-shirt, jumper, hat, warm socks, inside shoes)


* Maria's clothes in packing cells:
       undies x 5
       socks x 5
       bra x 2
       long pants: jeans & slacks
       short-sleeve t-shirt x 2
       long-sleeve t-shirt x 2
       rain jacket
       hats: warm & cap
       shoes: trainers & flip-flops
* The Kid's clothes in packing cells:
       undies x 5
       socks x 5
       long pants x 2
       shorts x 3
       short-sleeve t-shirts x 2
       long-sleeve t-shirts x 2
       jumper x 2
       rain jacket
       hats: warm & sunhat
       shoes: trainers, gumboots & flip-flops
* swimming gear Maria & The Kid: goggles, swim clothes
* camera equipment: charger, card reader, USB stick


  1. Mäletan neid nimistuid ja pakkimisi õige mitmed korrad!

  2. Razor has to go to the check-in suitcase... you never know how carefully they check. And all cosmetics have to be small sizes, under 100 ml I think. Been there, done that, had my deodorant and lotion (cheap, thankfully) confiscated..

    1. Right, you reminded me of the razor, cheers!

    2. Ma jätaks ka 'tweezers' käsipagasist välja.

      Kui just mingit kuumalainet ei tule, siis aprillis-mais ei ole flip-flopsidega küll veel midagi peale hakata. Eestis kindlasti mitte :) Ja kui peakski ime juhtuma, et hirmus kuumaks läheb, siis neid saab UK-s ka 99p poest osta.

    3. Meil on lapsed, kellele meeldib väga ujuda, ja plätudega on lihtsam ujulates käia ;)