US president is an idiot

I was yelling at my car radio today. Sitting alone in the car, driving along, I was yelling at the radio!


Because as part of a news story, Radio New Zealand were playing sound recordings of speeches made by Donald Trump and NRA vice president Wayne LaPierre yesterday.

Idiots. I mean - seriously. Both, f*ckin' insane!

Trump was saying that putting security personnel in schools would be a bad idea because it would make schools look unsafe and it would be too expensive. Instead, teachers should be armed because it would be cheaper and better. That if 20%, maybe even 40% of teachers were carrying guns, the schools would be safer places.

LaPierre was supporting Trump's agenda and saying that people should lean in and trust him when he says, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.

I listened to them, drove along a quiet residential street in central Invercargill and just yelled. "Are you f*ckin' serious!? You are insane! You are f*ckin' insane!"

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