Sleeping up top

The Girlie has officially graduated to sleeping in the top bunk bed, above The Kid.

I didn't choose this timing - as many of you who are familiar with The Girlie's antics, may already suspect ;). There didn't seem to be a way to keep her out of there though, so eventually I thought, "Yeah, okay, why not."

Initially I had the bunk bed ladder stored away under the bed. She found it and started setting it up regularly, so I moved the ladder into the storage room. She found a way to get into the storage room to bring it out (and set it up again) so I started storing the ladder in a way that she couldn't reach it, behind the bikes and tools. She promptly started climbing into the top bunk even without a ladder. She would clamber on the bunk framing, using the wall and the curtains for support, and at that point I thought, "Okay, fine, you win." I set up the ladder, the side framing, even gave her a pillow. (In the cot she never had a pillow.)

It's been three nights now and I have to admit, it works. She's so excited with the prospect that in the evening as soon as she's brushed her teeth, she's off to bed - doesn't even want a bedtime story, nothing. Just bed! In the morning she no longer wakes before 6. And even after she's awake, she continues just laying there, coming out of her bedroom after everyone else is already dressed and maybe even had their breakfast.

The next project is convincing my children that the bunk is for sleeping only, one child at a time, and shouldn't be used for playing, but that's a regular part of parenting as far as I'm aware - one challenge replaced by another one, onwards or upwards or however the saying goes.

This child... Wonderfully smart and hairsplittingly stubborn at the same, making parents both sigh in awe and cringe in frustration, sometimes within minutes of the previous emotion.

I haven't got a photo of it, but yesterday I came in the living room to find her sitting on the sofa, a whole stick of salami in her hands and munching on it happily. Kind of like this, but without the glasses and picture a salami instead of the carrot:

"No, what are you doing!?" I exclaimed and she looks at me, "I wanted salami!" And then she smiles.

Jesus, how many times we've had this situation where I look at her and go, "What are you doing!?" and she looks back at me and smiles cheekily, knowing that she's been up to trouble but also knowing that because this situation hasn't been talked through before, technically she cannot be told off for it. Kind of like the salami eating incident - mommy never said that we don't eat salami by the stick so... how would The Girlie know? ;)

The little cheeky monster.


  1. Mu tütar on TÄPSELT samasugune. Ma veel arvasin, et ainulaadne :D praeguseks ta 4a3k ja ma nii kardan seda kõva häälega öelda, aga on kergemaks läinud elu temaga. Aga üllatusi täis on ikka :)

  2. Reading this made me laugh so hard... again. :D