I am looking at my calendar for this year and I think I am going to die.

Okay, it's obviously an exaggeration but... that's what it feels like at the moment. School, childcare, medical appointments, therapy, work - it does feel like somewhere in the middle of it all, I am going to die this year. Oh, yes, plus I am going to miss a month of study due to the European trip. Awesome timing, isn't it.

It is going to be the hardest year of school. If I pass all my classes, I will be 74% into fulfilling my curriculum and then next year will be just a "finish-it-all" and start looking for real work so this madness of organisation that is my life at the moment can finally come to an end.

Children are hard work. I mean, even just children on their own are hard work, but when adding work and study into the mix and, on occasion, medical stuff - it becomes real, REAL HARD WORK. That we are trying to organise our life in a way that is the gentlest on our children means me and The Man are taking the brunt of this life-juggling-assault and the fact that most evenings we feel like collapsing in bed is not a coincidence.

But we get through. We get stuff done. Eventually, this will all be over. Two more years and I'll be done with study. This year will be the hardest - just get through this year and after that, it will get easier.

But still, as I look at my calendar I breathe in and feel like I am going to die.

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