What a weather...

It's like a picture from climate change documentaries. For years people have been warning of a changing climate which can start bringing weather extremes.

Today, Invercargill is basking in nearly 30-degree heat after a long spell of dry weather. In Hanmer Springs, I heard, it was 36 degrees by two o'clock already. All across Southland official drought has been declared because the ground is just dry. Dry.

However, tomorrow it will start turning cloudy. By Thursday it's expected that a very heavy rain will come with a tropical cyclone, bringing lots of water in a very short time. Off scorched ground (like we have at the moment) the water will probably run off very quickly, causing flooding around rivers, so the councils are preparing for flooding. After that, however, the meteorologists are warning that no major rain can be seen for weeks.

Welcome to summer of 2018. Spectacular, absolutely spectacular!

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