Omaui hill track

Omaui is a small coastal village near Invercargill, and it definitely has a charm! On Google Maps the place looks like this.

We headed there today, because we wanted to walk the Omaui hill track with the kids. Having never visited before, we didn't realise how high the track would climb, and so it probably ended up being the highest The Kid has walked under his own power - about 200 vertical metres over a length of about 3 kilometres. The Girlie, we carried her up some of the steeper sections when she was getting tired near the top.

Before heading up though, we tired out and "calmed down" The Dog at the beach so she wouldn't pull as much.

Then, we headed up.

The track has only just been opened, and so in sections it's still rough and the work is ongoing.

The "clatter" of cicadas was impressive! The trees were abundant in their old shells.

Nearer the top, the view became open.

A couple of family photos, a compulsory nut bar - the kids now expect them whenever we head on longer walks - and shortly, it was time to head down again.

About two hours roundtrip. The Kid did it under his own breath, The Girlie probably walked 85% on her own.

A good day to be had by all.

Those are the hills where the track heads up.

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