It's impressive how The Kid reads

The Kid is in well into the journey of learning to read. He recognises letters and knows about 40 words by sight. He can also guess first letters of words he's not familiar with. I'll say to him, for example, "Broccoli," and he'll then sound it out to figure out what the first letter is. "Broccoli. Beh, beh, beh... B! It starts with B!"

I have also discovered that he can recognise letters both in reverse and also when they're upside down.

For example: today he was holding a paper upside down in his hand. So the letters would have looked like this:

Nevertheless he was systematically reading out the letters and telling me if he recognised any words.

Another time, we were sitting inside a cafe called The Batch and on their window they had a large print of their logo. However, looking at it from inside the cafe, the letters were not only in reverse, but also tilted on their side. Like this:

When The Kid noticed the letters, he promptly started sounding them out. The. B. A. T. C. H.

I guess at the moment, his brain recognises the letters by their shape, and because he (increasingly occasionally) still writes letters the wrong way around, then when he sees them in reverse, he is still able to figure them out because to him, it's the main shape of them that counts.

Being a parent, it's a wonder to see though.

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