Caterpillar genocide awaits. I think.

For a couple of days now I've noticed monarch butterflies  fluttering about our back yard. I haven't yet checked, but I guess it means they've found a swan plant growing in our yard, and are planning to lay eggs on it.

I'm... curious to see where it'll lead, because:

1) we only have one swan plant. You might want to read this funny article to see what happens when there's only one plant ;)

2) There's a healthy population of wasps living nearby. I know this because I've seen wasps fly into our back yard, check The Dog's poop (if there is any) for flies and when there are flies, wasps fight them, sting them and then carry them away alive, to feed their own young wherever their nest is. Given that wasps apparently eat monarch butterfly larvae also, then I can only assume the kind of genocide we'll witness once the larvae hatch.

3) I don't think the swan plant is nearly enough grown to feed caterpillars, so... starvation awaits, I guess, if there really are butterflies laying their eggs there now.

Either way, yeah, to use Thomas Hobbes' words: in nature the life is brutish and short, so I guess we'll just watch the swan plant as a learning lesson and... the birds will eat the dead caterpillars, I'm sure.

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