A beach day

On a 31-degree day, the plan was agreed to by all: we would head for the beach at 8 in the morning. By noon, we would be back home for a nap and miss most of the heat.

Apparently, most other people were doing it the other way around: the beach was getting crowded from 11 am onwards and just as we were packing our stuff, others were setting up.

Riverton's Taramea Bay is beautiful. It's a shallow and sandy, and provides a lovely safe water for kids to wander into. I haven't got photos of it, but we had wetsuits on and were goofing around with boogie-boards (it's a kind of a small surfboard you lay on with your tummy).

For lunch, we had baby carrots pulled from the garden bed, cherry tomatoes from the greenhouse, and sandwiches. Yum!

And because we had the tent up, it provided us with much-needed shade when everyone was getting tired and hungry.

A lovely, lovely morning!

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