What colour to paint the house

We keep discussing what colour to paint the house.

Which is funny, because the things we are actually doing at the moment have nothing to do with colour of the house.

For example: on the weekend me and The Man clambered on the roof fixing guttering. We didn't like that during heavy rains we had water running through the porch roof onto our front door. The existing guttering was just so rusted through it was, literally, not channeling any water at all. As in, it was more hole than it was guttering.

So we clambered around, demolished things, painted things, fixed things, cleaned things - it took several hours to finish the job. But it... doesn't look it. The house looks almost the same as before.

Or one of the next projects on the list: chimneys. We'll be taking them down this summer - I hope! - so they cannot be coming down (on their own) during earthquakes in the future. It'll be a considerably sized project, especially given the scaffolding The Man will be building to accommodate the work.

But just like guttering we did last weekend, once done, from outside of the house it will be almost un-noticeable that we'll have done anything at all.

...which is probably why it's both funny and comforting to discuss the colour we'll be painting the house.


At the moment the colour we've been discussing the most is blue, kind of like Young House Love's showhouse:

Can you imagine what it'd look like on our house?

Here, let me help:

Granted, it's the most basic sketch, but... still. Gives an idea, doesn't it.

We also have an idea to paint the shingles above the bedroom window a variety of colours, kind of like this:

Which brings me to the next step: that garage wall in the background.

It's our neighbours' garage and it runs directly on the property line, so it's kind of like a... fence line, for us. It backs onto our property and I assume it's our decision what colour we're going to paint it, because although I haven't yet discussed it with our neighbour, I really don't think he'd have any objections to it.

I mean... it's got almost nothing to do with their property. It's not visible from their land, or even from the street. It's not particularly well-kept. Its visual impact sits squarely on our property, and so therefore I've kind of been thinking about it as if it were ours.

Sure, before we actually do anything to it, we're definitely talking to the neighbour... but not yet. At the moment, it's our dream land.

So: when me and The Man were discussing what shade of blue to paint the house, I suggested, how about we paint the garage wall first? That way we'll have a big enough of an area we can live with first, and get used to it, and see if we actually like that particular shade of blue in real life.

But then I went further and started thinking: actually, why not do something really fun with that wall?

For example: our family really likes a children's book called The Gruffalo. What if I painted a scene from that book on the wall?

A world map?

A mural, basically. I know I have the skills to pull something like that off, but the question really becomes... what would we like there?

And, really, we're definitely not talking of doing it this year. Probably not even the next. Two, three years' time - maybe. First we will continue doing the "invisible" stuff: fixing things.

We know that painting it will be huge visual improvement - but we're not there yet.


  1. Kas teil seal grafititegijaid ei ole? Ma arvan, et mõni oleks nõus seina ilma tasuta üle värvima lihtsalt selleks, et harjutada või niisama lõbust? Saaks kohe sinna midagi ägedat ja alati on teil endal võimalus see kunagi hiljem üle värvida ja midagi muud sinna joonistada.

    1. Maria on ise grafititegija! Eesti kodus on igasugused maalingus kõikjal!

    2. Idee on muidu tore, aga ma tahaks sinna midagi... enda valitut :). Et kui oleks keegi, kes tuleks, "Hei, Mann, mis sa tahad, et ma su seinale joonistan?" ja ma ütleks talle, "Joonista Grühvel, palun," siis oleks täitsa okei. Aga kui keegi lihtsalt tuleb ja joonistab midagi - toredat ja värvilist, jah, aga... ma tahaks midagi endale olulist sinna seinale :).

  2. Maria, Sa oled ju ise selles vallas tegija!!! Joonista ja maali ja lase lastel ka maalida, et nad tunneksid end selle majaga seotult!

  3. Hääletan Grühvli poolt!
    /hakkasin eelmisel nädalal tööle eesti-saksa lastehoius ja Grühvel on seal vaieldamatu lemmik/

    1. https://www.rahvaraamat.ee/p/gr%C3%BChvel/48217/et?isbn=9789949938216

    2. Siin on, kah, Grühvel suur lemmik :). Ja mitu Julia Donaldsoni teist raamatut kah, näiteks nõid luua otsas, ja too hiir, kes loomadelt toitu varastab, ja mitu-mitu veel.

    3. Kõik Julia Donaldsoni raamatud on super ägedad ja Inglismaal väga populaarsed. Kas te Gruffalo joonisfilmi olete näinud? See on niiiiii ilus (ja mõnusa muusikaga).
      Gruffalo Child film on ka ilus, aga mulle meeldib Gruffalo oma rohkem. Stick man-i joonisfilm on ka väga ilus.

      Maja värvi nähes läksid mul algul silmad suureks. Ei oleks osanud sellist värvikombinatsiooni teie poolt oodata :) Eriti neid värvilis 'pallikesi' sinna katuse alla :) :)