Thoughts on weather

The weather has been absolutely glorious. Like, glorious! Warm, humid sunshine - the kind where even though temperature is slightly below 20 C, everyone is out in t-shirts, basking away.

Yesterday a decent thunderstorm rolled across Southland. Initially, it was 'cumulus congestus' clouds that built mid-morning with their beautiful, upright towers of fluff. Gradually, their undersides darkened until in the afternoon, the whole town was, what felt like, standing still in the awaiting of thunder.

And then there it was - lighting.


More lightning.

More thunder.

It is so rare that Invercargill gets thunder at all! In my year of having lived here I've only seen it twice and, man!, did I enjoy the spectacle.

Just like last October, spring has treated us to beautiful warm days this year - I'd describe it as 'unseasonably' warm even. But I hear that's what Invercargill does in spring: typical westerly airflow brings warmer than average temperatures in Southland when 'Foehn effect' brings in moisture from Tasman sea, releases it over the mountains as rain and then that warm dry air basks the Invercargill streets with sunshine.

Which is to say: just wait until November and December when summer creeps closer, and we'll start getting that horrible rainy-windy-cold stuff again.

And then in February, just when kids go back to school, suddenly weather will turn glorious again.

Like now, in October :)

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