The summer has begun - from the kids' perspective, anyway

Ice creams

Strawberries and currants to water


Meanwhile, in the house: we got from the toy library a game called 'Jamanga'. Everyone really likes it!

It's kind of like Jenga, but it's more children-friendly: the blocks are soft-padded and colourful, and there is a large dice to roll - depending on the dice, it's the (colour of the) brick to pull out.

Of course, the kids also use the blocks as building elements.

Also: just as the nights have turned warm, the kids have decided they want to sleep in (brushed cotton) warm winter pyjamas.


Oh well, pick your battles, I guess.


  1. No vot ja meie eestis pakkisime maal just hiljuti oma batuudi jälle kokku :)