The Kid's a Kiwi alright...

For two minutes we were having this conversation.

The Kid: "What'd you buy in shop?"
Me: "A pen."
- "Pen?"
- "Yes, a pen."
- "Pen? What's a pen?"

I'd explain. He'd ask again. I'd explain again.

For two minutes we were having this back-and-forth conversation, with me both confused and amused that he was asking me about pens, and The Kid seemingly unhappy with my answers.

And then The Kid suddenly exclaimed: "OH, PIN! YOU MEAN A PIN! YOU BUY A PIN IN THE SHOP!!!"

Kiwis say "pin" - not a "pen" - when they mean a writing implement. And so all the while I'd been talking about pens, The Kid hadn't actually understood that I was talking about pens. To him, a pen is a "pin".


And at that point I just thought: yeah, mate, you're becoming a Kiwi alright.

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